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7 Things You Need To Know About Milk Sugar Sensitivity

7 Things You Need To Know About Milk Sugar Sensitivity

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Milk sugar can contain not only dairy products, but also many flesh and milk parfums, but not everyone needs to count lactose-rich foods in their diet.

7 Things You Need To Know About Milk Sugar Sensitivity

Further important information about lactose intolerance has been learned dr. Krisztina Sбrdi belgian medicine, gastroenterologist, doctor of the Buda Allergy Center.

What causes it?

In case of lactic intolerance, the symptoms of lactose - lactose - degrade reduced activity of the enzyme lactase causes. Lactase enzyme is deficient in the body unable to properly break down the lactose, to eat it. Symptoms may also occur in children and adults. The amount of enzyme produced in the small intestine also decreases with age as a result of naturally occurring enzyme deficiency or certain infections.

What are your typical symptoms?

The severity of the symptoms of lactose intolerance also depends on the activity and amount of lactase enzyme produced in the body. Symptoms follow the consumption of lactose-containing foods they'll come in one hour: The affected people complain of stomach upset, diarrhea, intense vocal cords, flatulence and these symptoms can last all day.

How Common Is Lactose Intolerance?

Hazбnkban 20-40% of the population is affected may. Interestingly, this ratio varies across the globe. The lowest is below 20% in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. The highest between 80-100% in South America and South Africa and in China.

Where can you find lactose?

In addition to milk and dairy products (sour cream, milk, butter, and cheese), lactose contains certain flesh, wheat, cereals, sweets, baked goods, and so is the case. If zinc contains milk powder, lactic acid, acid, powdered milk, milk, rye or powdered milk, that product also contains lactose.

Are lactose free products eliminated from lactose free products?

No, lactose-free products also contain lactose, but also the enzyme lactase, which is required for degradation. It breaks down lactose almost completely, so there is only a very minimal amount of lactose in products labeled as lactose free, in an amount that usually does not cause it to be sensitive. However, there are lactose-sensitive people who also cause lactose-free products.

How do I test?

Lactic intolerance detection a Hydrogen Resistant Test alkalmazhatу. The concentration of hydrogen gas in the expelled air is extremely low under normal conditions. Non-decomposed and unsweetened milk sugar is used by the bacterial bacteria, which is produced in hydrogen, and the H2 test is able to detect this. If the amount of hydrocarbon exhaled during the test is higher than normal, it confirms the presence of lactose intolerance. You're the elimination exclusive diet can also help to confirm the suspicion of milk sugar. As a result, the patient is asked to stop consuming milk and certain dairy products completely. Then observe whether there are any differences in their complaints about dieting and repeated consumption of milk and dairy products.

Is diagnosis a lifetime?

Not always. It may be permanent, but lactose intolerance can also be temporaryfor example, following an antibiotic or due to a disease or infection of the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, the body will eventually be able to break down the milk sugar again after treatment for the underlying disease or after the bowel disease has been restored.
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