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Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy

Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling of your feet. In the course of watering, the extremities are swollen, the ankles are swollen, and the skin and tension may be strained. There are cases where swelling may be a more serious problem.

Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy

Watering the Legs a during pregnancy may be natural, but if you have varicose veins, it is worth paying attention.When you are pregnant, your body holds more water and the uterus exerts pressure on the pelvic veins, thus preventing blood from flowing back to the abdomen. Most often a occurs in the third trimester the problem escalates during summer awakening and is most characteristic of evening lounges. Symptoms of relaxation can be relieved. Causes of swelling when it occurs in the morning, or when the mum presses the ankle firmly, the fingerprint remains visible. Preeclampsia is also a phenomenon when the feet, face, eyelids and hands become swollen. If that happens, then Get medical attention immediately. It can also indicate an abnormal condition if only one leg is swollen, in which case you are suspected of having a severe thrombosis. As a general advice, you should avoid long stops. Great fluid intake, walking and racked feet (foot legs) recommended. Increased bladder pressure can be relieved by wearing compression stockings and pantyhose.


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