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Hair, Mom, We are the Margaret Island in the Coca Cola Women's Future!

Hair, Mom, We are the Margaret Island in the Coca Cola Women's Future!

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Put the baby in the stroller, dress up the toddler, and come out to Margaret Island on Sunday 20th May! Let the race get infected, and this is the best time for women's football, where they are most cheered on: hair, Mom!

Here's a sporting event for ladies only! Sunday, May 20, will be the 17th Coca-Cola Body Wrap for Women on the Margaret Island. On this day, all women - girls, mothers, grandmothers, friends and colleagues - were invited to play sports by the organizer Budapest Sports Office (BSI) on Margaret Island. Thousands of women, from beginners to pros, can compete in the city's finest green space. Of course we are waiting for the gentlemen as well!
At the 17th Coca-Cola Body Womens Women's Future, all women can find the perfect match for their condition and mood, from baby strollers to grandmothers.
For those who run on a regular basis, we recommend the 7.5-kilometer run individually, but you can complete this run in a couple of times with a family member or friend at a rate of 3.5 kilometers + 4 kilometers. For lovers of shorter distances, beginners, toddlers and the elderly, we recommend running 3.5 kilometers or 2.8 kilometers.
And if you're looking for a more challenging challenge, complete the 3.5 and 7.5 kilometers!
Come and run, walk or cheer on our healthy lifestyle on May 20th at the 17th Coca-Cola Body Exercise for Women in Football!
More information:

Starts of the 17th Coca-Cola Test Wrapper Women's Futula Party:

- 10am - 3.5km Run I (Collective Nominees)
- 11:15 - 3.5km II. race (individual entrants as well as participants of 3.5km + 7.5km)
- 11:20 am - Walking 2.8 miles
- 12:30 pm - 7.5km, and 7.5km away (3.5km + 4km)
Designed for temps (minutes / km)
- 4:00 pm belьl
- 4:00 to 5:00
- 5: 00-6: 00 p.m.
- 6:00 above


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