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Special milestones worth mentioning

Special milestones worth mentioning

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Rotation, machining, the first tooth, the first blades, the first flush - these important landmarks are noted by all parents. But what about those special moments that professionals are less keen on?

Of course, gemstones, for example, hunting, walking, the beginning of a speech, are so important because they can help you determine if your little one is developing properly. But there are moments that are just as important and special, overflowing with love for the parents' heart, and after years we are happy to remember them. Alesandra Dubin among them, collected some.

The first sentence

At the same time, my twelve-month-old twins mostly cook the words they learned in a true sentence: "happy day". Probably this was the first optimistic sentence for them because they heard a lot in those days that they wish their dad a happy birthday. It's hard to forget the first real kiss

The first sign of brotherly love

I always knew, at least, I hoped that the relationship between my twins would be truly special. They may not be there to walk or hold each other's hands, but I will never forget the moment I first heard them speak in their own little baby tongue.

The first dance

It might not even be true to call it rhythmic rocking, which my son introduced to a popular song in the feeder, but I completely melted it.

The first dining room in the restaurant

You have a completely different mood when you really order something delicious for your kid in the restaurant (like the kid's menu) than if you just catch something from the diaper. Fortunately, the twins are eating too little, so we cut down on dining in the restaurant, but it's good to eat together.

The first walk is without a stroller

I loved the long strolls with the stroller, ”Alesandra says,“ but I knew the moment would come that they wouldn't want to sit in the stroller anymore, but they really wanted to walk. They recently invited us to dinner at a neighbor's house. It was just so far away that we could comfortably walk. At that moment, I felt that the baby era was over.

First signs of personality

It is very interesting to see how the personality of my children unfolds: what tiny signs suggest that my body is more like me (that is, it loves adventures) and my son who is at home.

The first (small) killing

Of course, you can't really call this a genius, but it is certainly important for the husband when it comes to hurting your baby first. My twins are already old and agile enough to start exploring the world, and they are also getting into trouble: scratching their heads and stuffing their heads. It's not okay for a mother to see this, but I am reassured that a kiss will be better.

The first one really believes

Nor can it be called a cute moment, but an important part of development is when our child first thinks about something. This also reminds you that you are not a small baby!

The first creation

He is extremely proud that I see that he is not only trying to play games, but also trying to create something - read Alesandra's article. There was a special moment when they first "drew" something or when they first built a tower from the cube.

The first kiss

It may be just too long to press their lips to my face, but we're getting closer to giving my kids a real kiss! One of the sweetest things was to first see them kissing - or at least do something like that. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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