Without trust, there is no spiritual reason for infertility

Without trust, there is no spiritual reason for infertility

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Mostly, the body is blamed for childbirth, although it is not uncommon for the problem to be traced back to spiritual causes. Or maybe you don't have to split the two so tightly?

Many would tolerate almost anything to have their own children. The more fortunate are successful after a few medical interventions, others give up after several years of struggle.
What does my colleague, Gabor Sandy, think about the physical and psychological causes of infertility?

- When we talk about infertility, most of the time we think that the error is in the "bait", that is, the malfunctioning of the body is the cause.
- This is the case: in infertility, either the reproduction of the reproductive organs or the functioning deviate from the norm. If you consult a doctor, they usually suspect biological reasons and think that your "union" can fix the problem. Performs hormonal and other examinations, gives drugs, operas. In many cases, the result justifies the idea. However, it is not uncommon for any medical intervention to be in vain, but the baby does not come. Either the couple gets in it, or the doctor, or simply runs out of money for that, because health insurance only supports a certain number of interventions.

Without confidence you will not go

- But many times, it is at this point that the "miracle" breaks, the woman becomes pregnant, and gives life to the expecting child.
- It is not uncommon for childbirth to come in after being admitted or adopted. And here's the key: both members of the couple went through a major spiritual change that made it possible for them to become pregnant. The ice broke, anxiety eased. This was necessary to get the baby on the green path.
- How can mental problems inhibit the normal functioning of sex hormones?
- That's right. Infertility is not a malfunction of the body, but a logical answer: if it is so bad, you should not lose your followers, because the mother and the little one would be at risk. Let's look at a meaningful example.
We know that everywhere in the animal world, reproduction decreases when there is a shortage of food for hunger. And so it was with the people's ancestors: Little babies were born in good times. What did we see today? Very thin women with eating disorders have very common bleeding deficiencies, no ovaries, or follicular lacerations. Interestingly, the same is true for women who are engaged in strenuous physical or mental work: athletes or college students, especially during the exam period, the regular ovarian cycle is missed. At this point, the body suspects that there is a constant fighting situation or that they have to flee, and the baby has no chance of getting over. Stress hormones have been shown to inhibit the production of sex hormones and the function of the reproductive organs.
"Isn't it possible that the sense of infertility increases the anxiety of a couple to such an extent that he does little trouble?"
- It would be logical, but some studies suggest that women who have cycling problems have higher levels of anxiety, whether they want a baby or not. The lack of childlessness, the failure rate, and many heresies naturally increase anxiety and make it worse, but the basic problem can be improved. And that has to be solved.
- I know a number of women who have had more children than those who have serious family or work problems. In addition, it seems to be fully balanced, and you will not become pregnant.
- We have to go back to early years. Infertility is surprisingly common among those whose first-year parent-child relationship appeared to be unbalanced. This correlation can also be explained at the biological level. Significant amounts of oxytocin are released by the mother and the infant in safe contraception, especially if the mother is breastfeeding. Through its action on brain function, this hormone has been shown to produce strong astringency and attachment in both infants and mothers, and is also highly anxiolytic. If the connection on the part of the mother is unsafe - denied, moody, or out - this process can be frustrated. Early delivery of oxytocin has a lasting effect on the functioning of the nervous system, and thus determines the quality of subsequent relationships. If the social can "activate" this oxytocin system even in adulthood, then it is possible to establish one's intimate relationships, even if it seems to be dangerous to the other. We must not forget that intimacy is also about service, and without trust it will not work. If it does not exist in man, he cannot dissolve in the other, and he chooses to choose somebody who can avoid a true, physical-mental consonance. It is not enough to have a good sexual relationship, and the woman must believe and trust in the man who will keep her going for it. In many households this is only on the surface. Infertility is not an individual problem for women or men. Everything goes together. The family must be treated as a system so we can be successful.
- Do you think the bear couples have a place in psychology?
- A thorough medical examination cannot be replaced by a psychologist. It may not be necessary for long-term therapy to resolve anxiety. In assisted reproduction programs, women who have taken part in a psychotherapy session have been at risk of having a successful conception. It is conceivable that some individual or group conversations may help. However, in many cases, psychotherapy is needed to deal with problems caused by early conditions, seizures, or lack of knowledge. In this way, we are also accepted by our organization: give the child a chance.
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