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He was the fourth winner!

He was the fourth winner!

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The eighties brought birth experiences in Hungary, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Paris, and for the fourth time a Hungarian private hospital could try it.

Moms with many children often say that all pregnancies are different. In my case, I think this is more or less true, since I was born at home in the 1980s and 1990s. With my little boy, who is now seventy months old, I spent my time in Paris and brought it to life, and this time we came home from Kannabu six months pregnant. I met many doctors, doctors, and hospitals, and this international outlook made me look for a good birthrate in Hungary as well. At that time, I did not even hope for the most beautiful baby in my life.

It was interesting to see how different attitudes about birth and expectancy differ in different countries. In Frankfurt, I saw German precision to pay attention to even the smallest things. In Paris, I was tied to machines all the way through my voices, constantly signaling the sound of my baby and showing the cubs. I felt completely safe, but the mood was very "humorous". In Hong Kong, they consider appetite a natural condition, do not make unnecessary exams, let their business go its own way.
When I arrived home in Hungary six months pregnant, I made a list of the houses we wanted to see. Our choice finally fell into a private hospital. Your birth manager welcomed us, showed us our rooms, the family apartment and my daughter. For the first time, we were able to get to know the whole team. There was a baby, a pediatrician, and a baby nurse who helped me a lot during breastfeeding.
I wanted to bring forth my fourth child in the most natural way possible, so I chose the traditional parenting method called the alternative today. Even an experienced mother would not have thought that this could be such a difference between parents. I can honestly say that despite all my pain, I felt wonderful. Almost unbelievable, but now I first saw the baby, I watched my baby as they were born, I was able to touch it and it was not taken away. I remember when I had my first two children, I was just amazed by them, and only brought them back after the compulsory exams. The nurse brought them into the room for breastfeeding. This is not comparable to my current birth! In a humble environment, I could only deal with my newborn child in complete peace of mind. My boyfriend and my baby were with me all the way, no one urged me, everything happened as I wanted. The whole birth team was waiting for them in the back, in case something complicated. Fortunately, everything happened as nature dictated.
I had forty years passed the real miracle of birth. When I was younger I was even more impatient, I couldn't really grasp it. The translator really does, who, like me, has experienced a conveyor belt view of the birth of the '80s, who sees the pregnant as a patient.
My baby, Alex, also had the most fun of all. After childbirth, she was not bathed, and there remained amniotic fluid, the sweet scent of which was unlike anything else. I'm sorry that my previous parents didn't have the opportunity to get to know this. I wish every woman that she could enjoy the greatest miracle of her life under such circumstances! Molnбr Tьnde, Budapest