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How much support can you expect after the purchase?

How much support can you expect after the purchase?

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Although the number of lawsuits in the past year was 20% lower, but when it comes to having children in the family, it is important to ask when and how much money should be left to the person in the household.

Parenting: How Much?

The justified needs

The determination of child support should take into account the legitimate needs of the child, the income and financial situation of each parent, the parent's dependent, the child's own income, child protection, family welfare, social security and social benefits given to and with the child's parents Dr. Sass Rita, Ьgyvйdtхl.- The children belong to the appropriate szьksйgletei kцrйbe megйlhetйsйhez, egйszsйgьgyi ellбtбsбhoz, nevelйsйhez, tanнttatбsбhoz szьksйges regular kiadбsok, to йrtve kьlцnцsen the megfelelх lakhatбs, ruhбzkodбs, egйszsйges йlelmezйs, szьksйges tanulmбnyok szьksйges folytatбsa йrdekйben kiadбsokat (this may pйldбul the nyelvуra the sportfoglalkozбs , or even the class money). If the child has an extraordinary expense, such as a medical treatment, that the dependent does not provide with due care, the extraordinary expense of this extraordinary publication is also commensurate.

An agreement or a burnout

The size of the child support and the method of payment are primarily governed by the parents' agreement, but in the absence of this is decided by the matrimonial. The amount of child support is usually payable to the child your average income should be in the range of 15-25 percent, which normally takes into account the total annual income of the obligor before the commencement of the earnings. - It should also be borne in mind that up to 50 percent of your required income can be attributed to your lawyer.

You have to keep a higher sum again

The expert was also asked when a higher amount of child support could be obtained, and we learned that this could be the result of a child's legitimate needs and parents' income-related relationship. This may be the case, for example, if the obligee has a higher income, or if the child has special needs, such as needing treatment due to his or her health condition, and may also require higher costs. it has come to pass that its immense fulfillment is in violation of one of its essential legal interests, and may require a change in the value of maintenance or the manner in which it is served. The gyermektartбsdнj felemelйsйre kerьlhet pйldбul place when the child is justified szьksйgleteihez kapcsolуdу kiadбsok rise if the szьlх йletmуdjбbуl, kцltekezйsйbхl the kimutatottnбl vonhatу down kцvetkeztetйs lйnyegesen jцvedelemre higher, or if the sajбt hбztartбsban nevelх -hнvta up szьlх munkakйpessйge csцkken rб attention to Dr. Sass Rita.

Can you get maintenance after your big child?

It is important to know that child support is not just for the child but for the child you are also entitled to an older child if you continue your education. The condition is that the life partner needs to be maintained for some reason and for his / her continuing maturity, that he / she is not incapacitated, has a surviving spouse, szьksйges tartбsбt or kiskorъ gyermekйnek tartбsбt not veszйlyezteti.- Tanulmбnynak minхsьl szьksйges the йletpбlyбra elхkйszнtх szakkйpzettsйg megszerzйsйhez kйpzйs or course, the level felsхfokъ vйgzettsйgi tanulmбnyok with biztosнtу йs mesterkйpzйsben basic and continuing felsхfokъ szakkйpzйsben vйgzйse. In such a case, in determining the value of the dependent child, the justified needs of the educated child, his or her own income, financial situation, and the benefits provided by law should be taken into account in order to continue his studies.

Is it a one-off payment?

Parents may also agree that a parent living outside the child should pay a lump sum of property or cash corresponding to the maintenance obligation. This may be the case, for example, if the outgoing parent gives the child the property of the former commonwealth, or the child has a child in the And it is also approved by the courts in the event of a filiation or legal settlement. - Such a megбllapodбs нtйlhet also ellenйre the bнrуsбg tartбsdнjat if the kцrьlmйnyek not lбthatу elхre because lйnyeges vбltozбsa - as pйldбul a vбratlan, sъlyos betegsйg, sajбt hбztartбsban nevelх szьlх цnhibбn kнvьl elnehezьlt йlethelyzete - the child йrdekйben or one fйl sъlyos йrdeksйrelmйnek due elhбrнtбsa justified - said Dr. Sass Rita.A gyermektartбsdнj бllam posts by these people megelхlegezйsйnek place it is, if you have already bнrуsбg the tartбsdнjat megбllapнtotta or jogerхs hatбrozatбban is a kьlfцldi bнrуsбg or mбs hatуsбg jogerхs brought hatбrozat posts by these people, which the children nemzetkцzi йlх javбra Magyarorszбgon szerzхdйs or on a reciprocal basis, and recovery of the amount of the child support is temporarily impossible. In addition, a parent or other legal representative caring for the child is not in a position to provide the child with the requisite the amount of the amount required for payment of the maintenance allowance, and in the case of multiple annuities, the basic amount shall not exceed the amount of the subsistence of the child up to a maximum of 50 Only if the child can provide support for the caring parent can the child be able to maintain a lower amount, and in this case the amount paid should not be less than 10 times the minimum amount of the old-age pension.

How can I recover my outstanding maintenance?

Remaining child support can also be recovered, the methods of which are direct Browser blocking, the direct cloudy cloudand other appropriate enforceable documents. - One of the ways to enforce maintenance is direct court disabling. In this case, instead of issuing or closing the Execution Sheet, the Courts will directly disqualify the claimant from the claim if it is to be recovered exclusively from the employee. Courts call the sender's employer to deduct the amount indicated in the payment from the sender's salary and pay the enforcement claim. Although there is an appeal against the cancellation, there is no delay in appealing against the deduction and payment of the disallowed amount - said Dr. Sass Rita. If you want your property to be enforced, the courts will issue you with the appropriate enforceable title. - If the kцzvetlen bнrуsбgi letiltбsra, kцzvetlen bнrуsбgi felhнvбsra not kerьlt series of bнrуsбg in the case kiбllнtja the megfelelх vйgrehajthatу deed authorized kйrelmйre - he hozzб the professionals - the нgy kezdemйnyezett vйgrehajtбsi eljбrбsban and place kerьlhet tцbbek kцzцtt the munkabйr vйgrehajtу posts by these people letiltбsбra .Related articles about childcare, about:
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