Why don't you care for the two-wheeler?

Why don't you care for the two-wheeler?

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Why does the little one pretend that the grandma is dead? The psychologist answers.

Why don't you care for the two-wheeler?

We lived with Grandma and my child spent a lot of time with her. It turned out in the summer that my mother was a cancerous, fast-flowing illness that took her away for a few months. I've been thinking a lot about how to prepare my baby for this. Anna was two-then. We were at the big house in the hospital, we said he was very sick. The last time he saw him was in a hospice house, which was not quite so cursory, but rather reminded me of a nice hotel.
There was a lot we could do in threesome together. When my mom died, we told my baby that he was not coming home anymore, there was no one else. But didn't really care about that. I don't look sad, I don't cry, I don't look, he lives like he did before. When granny gets sick, she says she's in the hospital. Is that normal? Can I bring you several times, talk about roul? When will he come out Grandma's lack?

Hi Бgota!

I feel from your letter that the fact that this little loss to your baby will not survive is a dismay. You may also be guilty of feeling that her grandmother's death is seemingly cold. As if he were insane. But that's not where you are. For a doubler - if he speaks at all - death is meaningless. He still cannot imagine that there is nothing and that it will not be irrevocable. This is much shorter, after six years of age. Until then, he doesn't really care about asking for the fish, but then - according to many parents - he does a lot.
But don't think that you didn't like it. The little kid a lives now. For me, here and now the important thing is, the past and the future are elusive. You don't have a timer, at least not like adults. If you are left alone or afraid, it will take a minute for you to feel good, even if you feel good, you are not interested in the fun of the time. Grandma was taken to the hospital, she visited. Then he visited him at the hospice house. Obviously everyone was nice to her, maybe she even got some biscuits or chocolate from the women who worked there. Granny was asleep, as she used to be at home, or even smiled at her.
For a two-star, this can be a good thing, and she thinks: Granny's there, she'll show up or we'll go there. Certainly, even without her grandmother, they were trying to provide her with the best possible conditions, and her life did not suffer particularly badly. For you, you are the centerpiece, granny's more than her side. The point is you are!
The other explanation is that it almost does not seem so sad that your remorse is well understood and your sorrow can be felt, but he has nothing to do with it, can't express himself. Rather, he goes to safe games. Just like you do during this time, if something important to do is excite you gyбszbуl, of sin, and will not let your life revolve around loss only.
You may not see anything on it now. But later, in your drawings and games, you find that there is the grandmother's aftermath and the pain in it. In the meantime, collect some for Grandma's memory, and sometimes tell the little roulette. If you care too.
Judit Szхdy
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