Choosing a kid is like a fish of the familyWe recommend a new post to the popular author of CaféBlog

Choosing a kid is like a fish of the familyWe recommend a new post to the popular author of CaféBlog

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Is it really normal for a child to turn away when it comes to choosing one? Why should a professional ask for help? This time, the lawyer's advice will help you, who, through his work, has gained insights into the history of a decimated family.

How to deal with the child at the time of choice?

"I am not a psychologist, but I share the experiences I have seen over the years and are typical of almost everything," says dr. Illés Blanka lives on Se With You.

Advice from the lawyer

- Give the child time! Children survive a parent's divorce like an adult's death. I'm sorry, and it takes time. As we say, the water must first submerge in water and only then will the water be shallower again. In addition, the child cannot express his or her grief well, so it will take a long time. - Avoid too much change! Avoid moving, new kindergarten, school, make new friends at the time of your choice… Environmental stability is paramount to the safety of all children. So be it change the least things. Over time, of course, it is possible to start a new life, but it is advisable to stay in the family home for a while after the election.- Never ask your child to spy on another parent! Yes, it is terribly difficult to gather evidence in a family law case, but it is not the child's job to help. In fact, the child should not even know that there is a lawsuit going on, not exactly the details. Unfortunately, you see this many times, these kids are totally psyched to make ends meet, their people, their abilities, their dignity get lasting. For more suggestions for action click on the original post here!
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