It seemed impolite

It seemed impolite

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Zsuzsa contacted me when her baby was three weeks old. The problem is simple and scary: the baby has not always regained her birth weight, even though her mother has done everything in her power.

It seemed impolite

The short phone call didn't help much. I needed something to make them think. We saved it for the next day (and the half-hearted Julie's). Desperate mom, baby baby adopted. Zsuzsa put the little one on her breast and started telling her stories:

The first weeks

- Born at 3200 grams, there was no problem, even though the parent was spiritually worn out. I wanted to breastfeed immediately, but he didn't show much willingness. The baby was trying to help, but she couldn't. They cheered on an infant baby and put the little one on her breast, but as she stepped out the door, the hesitation started again.
THE breastfeeding was difficult until hospital daysMáti lost a lot of weight, but I didn't let him give him a shower, he spent every minute with me. They tried to help, some early bimboards were made, but it didn't work, my nipple also got smaller.
Hazajцttьnk. THE vйdхnхhe ran so much that he was cast, he said, "I'm crazy not to give him." tбpszert. All he did was give birth to our baby booty, who finally gave us one week to go. I didn't go that far, I became more and more desperate. I called another mentor, Ann, who I met on the parenting course and asked her to come to me. He did not teach me, but sat down, looked at Matthew's tongue, mouth, helped me do a bit of breastfeeding, did breastfeeding, and rebuked. He was here every other day and watched us. Lastly, he also said that it is not in the interest of the baby to delay procreation. And then I was over you.
While her mother was telling her, Máté kept sucking, but she was not too enthusiastic: she teased her small, smooth movements. I asked Zsuzsa about what I can't see: What do you feel during breastfeeding? It turned out that the slowly healing nipple had nothing to do with pain. I asked: Does breast milk appear next to breast milk at the beginning of breastfeeding? No, you haven't experienced any. I explained the way milking reflexes worked, but that didn't tell her anything. She came to the gate to see Julcsi was there, I put her on her breast and showed her what she was up to.

The milk reflux

When the baby begins to suckle, most of the time, we tend to feel a slight tension in the breasts for a minute. In this case, the change is also apparent: the nipple is protruding, hard, tight, and a few drops of milk appear on the other end of the nipple (there is milk flowing or squirting). The reason for this is that Breast stimulation releases oxytocin hormone in the body, which causes the smooth muscles in the breast to contract. So milk starts to flow from the sperm into the baby's mouth. Without milking reflex, the baby gets less milk.
Many women do not feel reflexive, only to find that their baby swallows big for one moment and sucking becomes slower and more serious. When the flow of milk "calms down", the baby is breastfeeding faster, more smoothly, and does not swallow every sucker. The reflex changes several times during breastfeeding, but is not as intense as it is at the beginning of breastfeeding. Milk-depleting reflex activity also affects the state of mind: tension, reflex difficult or not at all in anxiety.

It takes strength to continue

Overall, I had the impression that this baby was fat and weak. You will surely need to get yourself together. Zsuzsa accepted this. We were able to get some deci breast milk, and Zsuzsa milked every breastfeeding time. The Collects milk from a glass, slowly, patiently gave it to the little one, if he felt that he could not reduce the hunger by breastfeeding.
Of course, besides pouling Zsuzsa's anxiety also had to be resolvedto make it easier for you to opt for the dairy reflex. However, this would require a little rest. Arrуl talked to a all aid must be accepted during the weeks of childhood. It is perfectly right that you are now dealing with nothing but the baby and the self. Don't be remorseful for that. Take it with you, let it go, let there be harmony between you, and you don't count now. Whenever the tiny one shows the sign of interest, suck it, bribe it alongside each and every time.
Organize it to help around the house, at least not to suffer from food or drink. Make sure the baby is peeing enough. And weekly measure your weight. I knew Anna, the guardian, would visit them regularly, making sure she was in good hands. This time we kept in touch over the phone, sometimes we also met. The end of the story was that he was sucked by Matthew two and a half years ago, and he gradually separated himself.

Cure and help

Zsuzsa talked about this after she had breastfeeded her little brother, Beckon.
- When you said, I have to deal with the baby and not deal with the world, this couple has started something in me. somehow from the inside, I made the point. I felt the change after a few days, but I wouldn't call it a change. Gradually things got better, I just felt like they were breastfeeding. It only took a few deci of milk from the milk I took, and my own skimmed milk didn't need much. Slowly but surely he began to pull.
There were points, of course, but somehow it always came to my aid: Anna visited me, you were there, and a friend of mine was born at that time. Breastfeeding Matthew twice or three times during the difficult period helped me to relieve my dread of starving my baby. It was also nice to see him hanging out with his baby girl. Each time she put it on her breast, when the little one squeaked, held it a lot in her hands. It gave me a pattern.

Every child's another

Between the ages of five and seven, he did everything he could to taste what his parents were eating. Even more relaxed, he had enjoyed the new tastes, but he hadn't accepted more than a few cans for months. The meal itself was never of more interest to you. Even then, he is a delicate boy, and he never asks to eat by himself, even if, according to human calculations, he should be starving. Zsuzsa was sorry for the birth of her little brother and realized the difference between a child and a child.
Brron started breastfeeding as soon as she was born, and she was half full of breast. I found out what it is like when a child wants to suck. In the days after birth, we were with him all the way, now I felt the craving for milk, the milk-reflex, and enjoyed sipping. She had never sucked less often than her former mother, sometimes I hadn't figured out where to put so much milk. It was a well-developed, semi-sophisticated, I began to compare it with another. She was just as happy with breast milk as she was. Nowadays, she eats her adult adult meals, but she also loves to breastfeed. It's cool that I could experience this.
Of course, the real success story is Mt. Zsuzsa is very sorry that at that time she did not fill it with useless councils and reached out to those who could be counted on for help.

When do you need to fill in?

  • If your baby loses more than eight percent of your birth weight
  • If your weight loss continues after 3 days
  • If you do not regain your birth weight after two weeks
  • If, after the fourth day, you still have a yellow fetus with a yellowing fetus instead of breast milk
  • If you don't have at least six pee diapers a day after your age

  • By the third week, Matthew had not regained her birth weight, was thin and restless. She must have needed more diets than she could suck on her own. THE the solution in this case is not to give the baby a large amount of baby nutrition. It may be that a little breast milk (milk that has come from her own, or milk from another mother) is enough for the baby to conceive. This method worked well in May. It was also essential for her success that Zsuzsa would calm down and feel safe with her baby.
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