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Can the baby be good when the mom is tense, upset. Professionals call, or is there any basis for such relationships?

The UN commissioned scientists have been given the task of developing relationship-building and parenting methods that enhance the fertility of the child, relationship.

Fetal anxiety

Effects on the fetus can have a definite impact on the life of the fetus and determine its developmental pathway. Maternal stress and anxiety in the fetus create "hair cracks" that become progressively deeper as the baby develops. Earlier, they can fall into various types of psychosomatic illnesses and shorten life. Maternal stress and anxiety affect the development of the fetus, infant and brain. Brain development needs to be addressed because it contains a lot of new thoughts, and it mainly awakens our perception, and it also exposes us to the question of inherited / acquired qualities.

They are crying inside

At the conference, stress research was represented by Bea Van den Bergh, a psychologist from Belgium, who presented studies on the relationship between maternal feelings during pregnancy and complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The most important finding is that there is a close relationship between distress during pregnancy (chronic anxiety) and early pregnancy. This means that both smoking and stress can, independently of one another, cause premature birth and, consequently, lower birth rates. This is a serious risk factor for many mental, psychosomatic and neurological disorders. Who would think life is 4-5. The starting point for a decade of infarction may be a stressful period in the womb.

Maternal stress has an effect on the baby

An unexpected baby

THE the most severe stress factor is unwanted childbirth, but there are also many of the unintentionally conceived babies when the parents had already had definite plans, which were capped by the unexpected arrival of the child. If it takes a long time to adopt a baby, it can give the impression that it has come to the world at the wrong time, that is, no one needs it. it is almost life threatening. Circulation and the word cow are constantly outside the critical limits. It's no wonder that just a few decades ago, it was these systems that ended their service. The question is, what can we do about such babies so that their lives do not end up in some serious illness.

Social hell

The results of stress research should be taken seriously. According to a study, when babies are taken out of support for a social disability, they bring greater weight to the baby. Psychosocial support is very important for fetal development. Specifically, people close to my mother should create a warm, accepting, loving, supportive atmosphere for both mother and fetus.They may also be interested in:
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