There are 9 possible causes of hair loss

There are 9 possible causes of hair loss

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On average, losing 60 to 100 hairs a day can be considered normal if hair loss is greater than this, or the hair may not grow back, bald patches appear, it is worth examining yourself.

There are 9 possible causes of hair loss

Krisztina Peterman, a cosmetic master at Dermatica, a healing cosmetologist, a triglycerist, and a frequent problem bхratka talking about the treatment.

Don't get in the way

Hair loss is a serious aesthetic challenge that can severely diminish the confidence of those affected. And in some cases, it is precisely this symptom that may bring attention to something that is not working optimally in our body - so by no means should he be humbled by it. A trichologist, or hairdresser, is a specialist who can help you identify the causes and treatment itself, or, if you suspect a disease, refer you to the right specialist.

8 + 1 is the most common cause of hair loss in the background

1. Hormonal changes, for example, after birth or after the menopause. In such cases, thinning of the hair is common and therefore the weight of the former hair may decrease significantly.2. Certain diseases, for example thyroid problems, gynecological complaints, hormonal diseases.3. The hair loss drug side effects can also apply4. They can take root in the background of the body inflammatory processessuch as tooth or inflammation of the tooth. In this case, gutckutats.5 may be useful. Incorrect hair care habitssuch as hair dyeing, ironing, tightening and frequent frizzing with inferior quality products.6. Vitamin and nutrient deficiency for up to an intense diet.7. Touching the scalp fungal infection can also cause severe hair loss.8. untreated stress.+1. Demodex is playing jelenlйte.

The fight against mites can be successful

The first step in the treatment of increased hair loss is the examination of the hair and scalp, the examination of the patient, and the diagnosis of the problem.- . If hair loss on a previously healthy hair is shiny, it will become fuzzy, it will become itchy, it will become dandruff-sensitive, and you may also discover inflammatory patches, usually medical beautician, trichology. - The presence of mites can be linked to a variety of problems. A group of Demodex mites, Demodex brevis settles on the facial skin, sebaceous glands, dietary fat, sebum, and the accumulated unwanted metabolism products. It is not uncommon to cause acne and even rosacea. Another group of mites is Demodex folliculorum, which in hair follicles, with increased hair loss, itching of the scalp, itching, tenderness, inflammation, and small acne on the scalp. You know how you can get rid of the mite As well as the discomfort, but it is also necessary for careful, cure-like treatment at home and at the beauty salon.
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