Fun Games: This is the best fun!

Fun Games: This is the best fun!

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The peculiarity of age is stacking, which gives birth to a number of playful toys for small children. It packs the dumper with tiles, delivers it, rolls it, and then reverses the next dump.

Go for it!

- Collect cubes, snails, last year's chestnuts, acorns. We just barely filled the sandpit, the little kid screams it! You can start all over again.
- Put small objects in a plastic container. Our little kid is having fun with his / her breasts tucked in and looking at: Are you out there?
- Recognizing and inserting different shapes into holes is not an easy task! At home, we can make a game like this: cut a hole in a shoe box the size of a baby's box and give it the dice. Drop them in the hole, then throw them out.

All day long, it scares me!

About one year old packing is your favorite game. Give enough comfort to your hands so that the bookshelf is not a daily sacrifice. Smaller and larger cardboard boxes can serve as a car, hair, stroller. Coat the box with a self-adhesive paste to filter two holes on the longer, narrower side, and cut an old belt or patch on it to allow it to be stuck. Collect the pet supplies in a larger pool: empty bottles, smaller boxes, plastic containers. The small child wraps it up, puts it in the house and then removes it. In a larger plastic bottle, you can squeeze small things (snail, button, acorn, pebble) into it and filter it out. The little kid loves these little things, but let's give him something like this only if we live and take care not to get any of them. Smaller and larger boxes, different sized dolls and animals are a personalized challenge for the little one. What where? Where to Find Cubes, Trucks, Machines, Sand, Gravel, Small Stones All Offers a Lot of Playability for Transportation and Loading. However, keep in mind that the result is still not encouraging the little kid (for example, he is not preparing a blood, he wants to create a tunnel), and let's not do it for a while.
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