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Sleep Problems During Pregnancy During Your Trimester

Sleep Problems During Pregnancy During Your Trimester

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We collected the most common sleep problems by trimester.

Sleep Problems During Pregnancy During Your TrimesterAccording to the American National Sleep Foundation (NSF), these are the most common sleep problems during pregnancy.

First trimester

  • You probably need to go to the washroom most of the night.
  • Physical and emotional changes may cause you to wake up more often in the future.
  • Due to insomnia and high levels of progesterone, severe fatigue can occur during the day.

Second trimester

  • Daytime brightness and nighttime awakenings may increase. Progesterone levels are still in the skies, but now they are rising at a slower rate than in the first trimester.
  • In the case of nighttime peeing, the situation slightly improves as the pressure on the bladder is slightly reduced.
  • Unfortunately, the quality of sleep is still slightly worse than before pregnancy due to physical and psychological changes.

Third trimester

  • More than just saying that this trimester you will be facing the most sleep problems.
  • In general, your comfort will deteriorate due to your weight gain and size of your tummy.
  • Stomach, cramps, snoring - just a few reasons why you can spin more during the night than ever.
  • Frequent nocturnal urinary stimulation returns once again to the baby's changed position and size.
  • Are you worried that you will not be able to sleep any night before the baby arrives? We can assure you that in most cases the chances are very small. You may sleep a little worse than usual, but with some minor lifestyle changes (eg regular exercise, a healthy diet, reduced fluid intake in the evening, and rest at bedtime). In fact, daytime naps can help after a harder night. However, if you are experiencing more serious sleep problems, do not hesitate to visit your doctor!
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