Instructional Journal - Part 1

Instructional Journal - Part 1

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In our new series you will be able to keep track of the habits, hardships, and anxieties of a wicked person. Keep with us, it will surely be a top priority for many!

First visit to the inn

After we learned of the news that Dani was being admitted to the requested state chick, we also got a date for the first reconciliation. Three of us were very excited, Dani and I were talking about going to the kids where there are lots of games and where we will come from now on. Although I think it was just our parents who were worried, it wasn't a big deal for us - we went to many places so far where we had many kids and saved many times. The manager's office door is open, and since then I know, almost always open, not just in physical terms. (Later, during the difficult moments of getting used to it, it was a big help for us. The office is near the entrance, so Marika, the manager, she knows everything, knows children, siblings, parents, hassles. , we were able to ask, we received answers and advice, understanding and attention. All the wise have some great family.)
The car in the room, playing games. Dani first insisted in me and then in father. He watched, gazed, looked at him, but the big red car had proven to be very strong. Finally his belly on the ground was immersed in the games, of course he was watching us with all his radar. I never liked to talk to a child about asking questions as if he wasn't there, and don't appreciate what you are talking about, so we're trying to get him involved. The end of this was that he was talking about the Little Mole in the car and we were listening.
In the meantime, we also managed to find some practical info. Usually it takes two weeks to get used. It has a revamped course, but it can be changed in the meantime if the caregiver and the parent think that the child needs a little more time in either phase. But in general, it usually happens beforehand. Honestly honest, at first glance it was hard to believe that after two weeks Dani would come in in the morning, eat, drink, play, recess all day long and she would be able to fall asleep after lunch ... цsszehozni. Yeah, once for my mom. And one night for my body, so for 11 hours ... We'll see.
As it turned out that Dani was going to join the SnailBiga group, we were getting up to join him. At first, the team seems very pilled, the kids get tired, and they get ready for lunch and then sleep. One carer feeds a smaller boy because he can't eat alone, the other cares for the other carer. A bigger boy comes over to call Dani to drive, who vanishes in the blink of an eye. Now, if it were so easy ... I see the little ones, the few chairs, the tables, the races. We are lucky, this is a new wisdom, it can be felt in everything. Meanwhile, my heart is clenched, and soon Dani will spend some of her days here. I will not see, hear at every moment. I don't cook her lunch, I don't know what she will eat or drink. If you guilty of something, I'm not gonna be here for you.
Tыnхdйseimbхl Dani warns, "Mom, you have to poop!" "Are you looking for the truck?" - I ask, it seems so punctual at the moment. "Yes!" he says enthusiastically. Mini baby dolls just come in one move, flush, and ... they don't come. The alien place? A lot of people? Didn't I need that much again? I do not know, as I did then, that by this step, we were about two steps back to room purity in the usual slow, jerky way. Since then, the month has passed, he refuses to go to a party or a show. We returned to the diaper, under the bush, to leave the closet.
The short incident and the cool kids make you start. Let's talk about getting started on Monday, and before that, the caregivers will come to visit us ... Continue from here