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Judit's diary - the first weeks, but not planned…

Judit's diary - the first weeks, but not planned…

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When I was pregnant with my first ultrasound photographer in my pocket eight weeks pregnant to announce the big news to her, she said, all of a sudden, "It was completely public!" - Really? - I asked, then collapsed in the toasted kitchen and a big light drop of steam on my face: - Now what? I sniffed.
But let's not run that far! I read many places, and many of us say that they knew at the very first moment that they had realized that the tranquility was here, and that this lasting peaceful consciousness had swallowed up their lives, all their thoughts, . Well, that didn't happen to me ...
I was pretty sure of my menstruation, but before that, for two weeks, I was as bloated as that guy on that particular bus, in that particular yellow berry ad. The love of my life tricked me into looking like a baby in the belly. Haha, you're kidding! Now that I haven't had a job for two months and no idea what I'm going to do, you would be fine! Of course, I looked at the pregnancy symptoms on the net, and I found that among the first signs was the upset of digestion and the need for daily sleep. Then, after eight o'clock in the evening, I went to bed ... After a few days of sunshine, I immediately took a test, shaking three to be sure. All became positive. The thought of becoming a mother hurried me all the way: what now? I have so many plans, so many things to do! I need to find a job, a bigger apartment, painting, not to mention that it was designed for the summer, traveling for a long time, working on my new book, and starting to "work" on the baby. But not now! - We'll have a baby! - My dear friend greeted me, and with that sentence he swept the sad bird out of my country. I reassured myself and swallowed my lips, yes, he didn't want to wait any longer.
I don't know where motherhood is born, and whether there is anything left for parents to spend time designing. We didn't design it, but we were expecting it more and more. Our friends, our parents, all received me with a touch, and I was a little weird that they feel better than I did, and sometimes I was hurting myself. For the time being, I am left with steady fatigue (I usually get six hours of sleep, but in the first few months it goes up to twelve hours a day), all-day fasting (who said badass that only in the morning ?!) definitely a method for lactic acid, as recommended by a woman on the market, and really…) and my special eating habits.
Of course I googled. Because I am constantly watching my body, and I worry if something happens that is strange that is different from the average. Madam, the dumb one, initiated me into the secret that if I didn't eat 300-400 calories more then there wouldn't be much trouble in the home. So I stayed at the norm, which we've been re-thinking for three years: everything from the market only, green from the grass, meat from the halls. The onions and the mushrooms made me feel bad, and huh ... well, I didn't want anything at all. But my new passion has come to a halt: chocolate.
I've always been a pretty sweet mouth. Chocolate, however, was never one of my favorites. I used to wear a chocolate face mask while sitting in the bathtub, and the smell of the smell in my mouth! I knew it wasn't going to be that good, I licked it, and then I said in a laugh, well, well Let this be your new passion! One hour later, I was flipping through the pages of a Love Ice Cream while I was flipping through the pages of our Love as he stared at the eyes of his dear half. - It will be funny! he said and turned back to the laptop and stroked my belly. - What do I do now? Your son's chocolate! - How do you know he's a son? he asked. "Foreclosure," I said.
And what a denial ... I was right. Of course, this only came to light weeks later!