Mandatory and Optional Vaccines for Children - Vaccination Order

Mandatory and Optional Vaccines for Children - Vaccination Order

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It is not so easy for newborn parents to find their way through the vaccines. What are the mandatory and optional vaccines? When, how sad will our baby get? Can we have this side effect? And many more questions like this one may arise.

Vaccination Order - When will your baby receive the vaccine?

Why is there a need for immunization?

- The basic principle of vaccines is that by introducing the attenuated or precancerous variant into the body, the organism initiates the defense (immune) processes - we know Dr. Gabriella Stanley gyermekorvostуl. In doing so, the body remembers the disease itself, and when it wants to develop a disease sooner, "recalling" the body, it quickly recognizes and nullifies it.- to prevent it with a vaccine, it must be done. Many people are looking to get vaccinated in the hope that they will protect their children by the so-called nyбjimmunitбs. (Fever immunity is an immunity that arises when inoculation of a certain part of the population provides immunity to non-vaccinated persons.) Many are unaware, but we can carry many of the pathogens in our pharynx as a whole that most children are vaccinated against, but the unvaccinated ones are safe. In this case, the other child is not protected by another child (such as Pneumococcus, which can lead to cerebral inflammation, but can also lead to death, "he says. Dr. Gabriella Stanley pediatrician.

At what age should a child be vaccinated?

Obligatory protective measures for the prevention of infectious diseases and drugs are required by law 18/1998. (VI. 3.) NM. "The time of vaccination is determined by the age of the baby, whether it is premature or low birth weight. If no other contraindication is it is repeated many times at a young age because our bodies do not remember the last vaccine after a while. This ability improves over time, but few know that one part of your childhood vaccinations worth over 10 every 10 years. "These tables may provide assistance for the extinguishing system (source: ANTSZ):

Altai calendar

Continuous vaccinations
BCG0-4 weeksyou need to have a baby at a child care center or home pediatrician
DTPa + IPV + Hib + PCV2 hrs-
DTPa + IPV + Hib3 hrs-
DTPa + IPV + Hib + PCV4 hrs-
PCV12 hrs-
Barberry (varicella)13 hrs-
MMR15 hrs-
Barberry (varicella)16 hrs-
DTPa + IPV + Hib18 hrs-
DTPa + IPV6 years-
MMR booster11 yearsSeptember, VI. (Grade 6)
dTap Reminder Vaccine11 yearsOctober VI. (Grade 6)
Hepatitis B12 yearsSeptember the 7th. Class (Grade 7) Vaccination I
hPV12 yearsOctober of the VII. Class (Grade 7) Vaccination I
This is not easy to keep in mind and follow, but don't worry, as it is the job of the guardian to inform the family before each vaccination, and the pediatrician will advise what should be done before What does shortcuts mean? Which one are you protecting against?

Obligatory vaccinations for babies

BCG: Against TBC (mycobacterium)
- Bбrбnyhimlх against Varicella zoster virus before moving to the community
- DTaP: Diphtheria, throat root (corynobacterium dihteri)
- Pertussis, donkey (brothella pertusi) combined vaccination
- Tetanus, hard cramp (clostridium tetani)
- Poliomyelitis, IPV: Inactivated polio virus against child polio
- BUGS: Against Haemophilus influenzae type B bacterium
- MMR: Morbilli, bend
- Mumps, inflammation of the thyroid gland
- Rubella, Rooshaim vaccination against viruses
- Hepatitis B: Infectious hepatitis B virus
- DTaP-IPV + HIB + = PENTAXIM 5 component vaccine
- DTaP + HIB repeat At age 6
- DTaP repeat At the age of 11
- PCV 13: Conjugated pneumococcal vaccine (Streptococcus pneomonae)
- Prevenar

Other optional vaccinations

Apart from compulsory vaccinations, what other vaccines can be given to your child can be a major dilemma. There are some who think it is superfluous, and others who ask for all the vaccines that are available. If you are not sure what to do with us, talk to your pediatrician and let us know what we are afraid of. He certainly won't talk to anyone, but he can help with your difficult decision. Against the flu virus
- Meningococcus C for the prevention of meningitis caused by bacteria
- Meningococcus B, it can cause the same type of meningitis as C, but it is relatively newer and more expensive, and multiple vaccinations are needed. However, its occurrence as a causative agent of purulent meningitis is twice as common as Meningococcus C-й
- Vaccine containing Meningococcus A, C, W 135 and Ywhich can be given over 1 year of age and is often used by doctors between 1 and 2 years of age, extending the effectiveness of Meningococus C to other 3 strains.
- It was spread by ticks against viral meningitis, mбr 1 year card
- Against Rotavnrus (causes vomiting, diarrhea) 3 doses of oral vaccine
- Hepatitis A against vrusRelated articles in vaccines:
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