There are three signs that your child is eating too much sugar

There are three signs that your child is eating too much sugar

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If you are not sure whether your child will bring the sweet joys to heaven, here are 3 signs.

Sugar is the main cause of dental cariesCancer mimics sugar. Just like diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, and so many other illnesses and disorders. However, parents accumulate their children daily with an amount of sugar that is almost lethal. Whether or not you will take the kale on this field, you can find out the 3 signs below!

1. Hole tooth

Sugar is the number one cause of tooth decay. "It doesn't matter how thoroughly your child brushes their teeth, if they consume sugar daily, sooner or later the holes will appear. Dr. Peter Shay dentist. The little ones who rarely or not at all consume sugar have hardly any toothed teeth.

2. Water is excluded

When does your child thirst for water? Or maybe some sugary drink, fruit juice, yeast, spit or cocoa? Unfortunately, sugar is very addictive. Children become addicted to children at a very young age, and most of the time they "quench" their sweet tastes with sugary drinks. The little ones who are not addicted to sugar usually ask for water when they are thirsty.

3. Sugar does not influence a child's behavior

Have you ever missed the phrase, "If my kid eats something sugary, won't he make any changes in his behavior?" If so, your child has probably become so tolerant of the things that it has no effect at all. Unfortunately, sugar is just like alcohol for children, just like alcohol for adults. Some people have already had a glass of wine, even to those who regularly see the bottom of the glass. If your child drinks a glass of tea and does not change his behavior in a small way (fatigue, chagrin, cyst, etc.), it is a clear sign that he is consuming too much sugar.

Suggestions and ideas for women

According to the WHO, a child aged 1-3 can consume 12 grams of sugar per day. Just a glass of Sprite contains 40 grams of sugar - almost 4 times the daily recommended dose! Here are some tips on how to reduce your child's sugar intake: (without sugar and whipped cream) instead of compote or canned - unsweetened whole wheat crackers or whole / toffee pudding instead of muesli slices - homemade ice creamRelated articles on sugar consumption:
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